Family physicians informed through the media that because Ontario has yet to finalize online booking and service desks for vaccine appointments that they should call their 80+ yo patients and book them in a non-existent system?

Sunday House Call, #778, February 21, 2021

Topics today include:

Family physicians have been notified in the media that they will be asked to call their 80+ year-old patients to book their Coronavirus vaccine appointments at some as yet-be-be-announced centralized vaccine centre. What are the logistical issues about this downloading of what should be Public Health’s responsibility onto family doctors?

Your calls and questions:

  • Does turmeric modulate the immune system with respect to reducing the COVID-19 inflammatory response? No evidence for this.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sciatica
  • PrEP for the prevention of HIV infections.
  • Treatment of plantar warts
  • Management of skin tags (acrochordons)