Wednesday House Call September 23, 2015: Coca-Cola Science!

Wednesday House Call   September 23, 2015

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Rob Snow to discuss the latest health stories of the week.


1) Coca Cola’s ‘health research’.
Coca-Cola disclosed Tuesday that it spent $118.6 million US on health research and partnerships in the U.S. over the past five years,.
The Associated Press reported that Coca-Cola had worked with fitness and nutrition experts who each suggested a mini-Coke or mini-soda as a snack in columns for American Hearth Month in February. The pieces appeared on nutrition blogs and other sites.
2) We could also talk about the ”  Chubby Chipotle”  Campaign.
3) This is an odd headline.
”  Anaphylaxis often kills teens, youth, experts say”  .
The story actually says.
”  Fatalities from allergic reactions are increasingly rare as awareness and diagnosis of deadly allergies grows.
Still, when they do happen, “it’s often teens and young adults,” says Laurie Harada, the executive director of Food Allergy Canada, an advocacy and research organization.”
We can talk about this.
4) Pharmacists doing the doctor’s work?
Pharmacists in Newfoundland and Labrador now have the ability to offer prescriptions and treatment for minor ailments that would normally see patients waiting at the doctor’s office.
5} CCAC executive salaries increase by 27% over past few years while patient services are cut back further