Sunday House Call, #846, August 14, 2022: Pavlov and the Health Care debate

Mention “privatization” and the salivary response ensues on both side of the spectrum. Today I discuss what it should really mean given that a plethora of health services are provided by private institutions that are paid when you use your OHIP card; Imaging centres, family physician’s offices, surgical centres, cardiology centres, etc.

We will not fix anything if we cannot have a respectful presentation of all options and cease using the US as the comparator given that they do not represent a universal system. Let’s look at European models that consistently surpass Canada in the rankings and adopt the best from the best functioning systems.

Corbella: Canada’s health care system overrun by administrators and lacks doctors

Corbella: Frustrated doctors say they are ‘hindered,’ not helped by too many managers

Your calls about:

  • Dosage timing when travelling across time zones
  • Monkeypox transmission. Hotel bedsheets and linens
  • Sedation prior to MRI for those who are claustrophobic
  • Woman with sore shoulder wants to know if the radiology centre will accommodate the restriction to do her mammogram