Sunday House Call, #864, February 5, 2023: Blatant Hypocrisy: Some publicly-funded family practices are more equal than others. How your tax dollars do not go towards the goal of equity in health care.

In today’s show, I explain how the bleating from those that insist that equity in health care is of utmost importance will cling to their private insurance plans that provide access to health services that are not available to those uninsured Canadians. In Ontario, there are different tiers of publicly-funded family medicine practices, some that provide Cadillac services and others that do not. You have to be the right type of practice to avail yourself to the largesse of the system. Your tax dollars support only a select few to these services whilst you either do not have a family doctor, or your doctor’s practice is struggling to provide basic health services under the Aegis of burnout.

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Would you pay $300 a year for quick access to a nurse? Dealing with demand, Ontario doctors get creative

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  • Salt intake and urine output
  • Numb feet in a person with type 2 diabetes