Sunday House Call, #789, May 9, 2021: The Twinkle in this Star. A truly enjoyable interview with Stewart Reynolds aka @Brittlestar today. He and his family helping to make the pandemic a little more bearable with their honest observations and humour.

You my heard some of the clips we have been playing commenting on the risk calculus of taking the AstraZeneca vaccine and the one that you have just heard that are marvellous and creative examples plainly illustrating how we process information and many times incorrectly assess risk.

Stewart Reynolds, also known as @Brittlestar on Twitter, describes himself as being The Internet’s Favorite Dad (unproven) and he seems to be having a really great time making these videos that really hit home with respect to the issues that we face today.

Also: More good news on the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine published in the Lancet.


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