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Madely Health Headlines Commentary for January 23, 2015



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In his new book, “Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything: When Celebrity Culture and Science Clash”, University of Alberta Professor Timothy Caulfield argues that celebrity culture has emerged as one of our society’s most pernicious forces, contributing to, among other things, poor health decisions, wasted investments in useless beauty and fitness products, a decreased understanding of how science works, and increased dissatisfaction with our appearance and, perhaps, our lives.


He has put himself through many of these treatments to experience first-hand the results and understand what motivates people to seek these regimens. He reports on his experiences and uses the latest evidence to evaluate the claims and results.


Timothy Caulfield,

Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy
Trudeau Fellow and Professor, Faculty of Law and School of Public Health
Research Director, Health Law Institute, University of Alberta


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa
Medical Director, Bariatric Medical Institute