Wednesday House Call September 16, 2015


Wednesday House Call   September 16, 2015

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Rob Snow to discuss the latest health stories of the week.



1) What it takes to run a modern medical practice. Eg, staff, supplies, equipment, etc, and how arbitrary and draconian clawbacks from doctors by the Ontario Government will affect prpvision of services.
2) Dr Oz changes his ‘focus’.
After enduring months of intense criticism, Dr. Mehmet Oz is changing the direction of his show.
The entire upcoming season of The Dr. Oz Show — which kicked off Monday, September 14  — will focus on the ”  mind-body connection”  .
Such as:
Wine Can Relieve:
Allergies/Headaches/Weight Loss
Dr. Oz Explains Night Flatulance:
3) You are what you eat! And if the plate is big, you will eat more!
People really do eat more food and drink more non-alcoholic drinks when the portions are larger, say researchers who call for the size, availability and appeal of large servings to be reduced.
People consistently consumed more food and drink when offered larger-sized portions, packages or tableware than when offered smaller-sized versions, researchers said in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.
4) 3) New study on the need for Vitamin D:
To ward off cognitive decline and impaired memory as we age, it’s important to get a sufficient dose of vitamin D everyday, according to a new study from the University of California at Davis and Rutgers University in the US.