Wednesday House Call October 14, 2015

Wednesday House Call   October 14, 2015

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Rob Snow to discuss the latest health stories of the week.


1) Spray or Shot?
Ontario is introducing a new nasal spray flu vaccine this year as an alternative to an injection in the arm. The nasal spray, which will be available starting Oct. 26 for children aged 2 to 17.
2) Report from Health Quality Ontario
Ontarians continue to struggle to get quick appointments with family doctors and diabetics still don’t get regular eye exams despite ongoing efforts to improve the health system in these areas, according to a new report.
Health Quality Ontario, the provincial agency that monitors the province’s health system, has also found some patients still do not receive sufficient follow-up care after hospital discharge. They include those suffering from mental health problems, addictions, heart failure and lung disease.
3) How To Defuse The Baby Boomer ‘Demographic Bomb’ And Save Health Care.
Good Analyses here.
4) Quebec nurses will soon be allowed to prescribe contraceptives and some medications, order lab tests and treat patients with wounds and sexually transmitted infections. The government hopes the changes will provide patients with faster and improved access to care.