Wednesday House Call June 10, 2015

Afternoon Edition – Wednesday House Call   June 10, 2015

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Graham Richardson and Kristy Cameron to discuss the latest health stories of the week.


Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Competency tests for older doctors?

Sugary Drink Warnings

Walgreens expects to reach about half the country by the end of the year with a new service that lets people see doctors for minor ailments without leaving home, through smartphone, tablet or computer. The US’ largest drugstore chain is expanding a smartphone application it started testing last December to tablets and personal computers and plans to make it available in 25 states. The growth comes as major insurers UnitedHealth Group and Anthem prepare to expand their own non-emergency telemedicine services to about 40 million more people by next year. Doctors have used video feeds and other technology for years to treat patients in remote locations. But experts say growing smartphone use and customer demand are fueling a rapid expansion into everyday care the family doctor used to handle.