Afternoon Edition – Wednesday House Call March 4, 2015

Afternoon Edition – Wednesday House Call  March 4, 2015

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Rob Snow to talk about the latest health stories.



1) How to safely use acetaminophen: Doctors may be under-estimating the risks to patients from long-term use of paracetamol, the world’s most popular painkiller.
2) WHO releases new guidelines on sugar intake: The world is eating too much sugar and people should slash their sugar intake to just 5 to 10 per cent of their overall calories.
3) The government health care monopoly: Is private delivery of some health care services inevitable? ”  Sooner or later, the issue of private health insurance for essential services will be before the B.C. court and then, almost certainly, before the Supreme Court of Canada again.”
4) A new treatment has been approved for Psoriasis. Cosentyx is an injectable treatment that targets the key protein causing the skin condition. It was apporved by Health Canada this week.