Afternoon Edition – Wednesday House Call March 11, 2015

Afternoon Edition – Wednesday House Call  March 11, 2015

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Rob Snow to discuss medical matters.


1) The fountain of youth? Google aims to help us live to 500 years! What technology may emerge in the future to significantly expand a person’s lifespan?
2) What technology exists now – apps – that can improve our health? For example, the Apple Watch was supposed to include features that would track blood pressure, heart activity, stress levels and other functions.
3) The number of measles cases in a community northeast of Montreal has spiked to 119, health officials said Wednesday, and the disease is spreading among people who have not been vaccinated.
4) Does daylight savings time mess with our health?
University of British Columbia sleep researchers documented a five to seven per cent increase in traffic accident fatalities during the three days following spring forward. Another study, published in 2011 by University of Alabama at Birmingham scientists, found a 10 per cent spike in the risk of heart attacks in the 48 hours following spring forward.