• Where should children learn about responsible alcohol use?

    Health Headlines Commentary for December 19, 2017 [display_podcast] Source: Mom says letting children drink alcohol at home teaches them responsibility  

  • Does spanking kids lead to adult mental illness? Today's study cannot prove causality and is rife with self reporting bias

    Madely Health Headlines Commentary for July 3, 2012 [display_podcast] Source: Spanking Kids May Lead to Adult Mental Illnesses Reference: Afifi TO, et al “Physical punishment and mental disorders: Results from a nationally representative US sample” Pediatrics 2012; 130: 1–9.

  • Adapt parenting to your teen's development

    More than 80 per cent of adolescents do not experience stereotypical “hellion” lifestyle and behaviour. There is adolescent angst, but often there is an identifiable cause, such as parental strife, divorce, laissez-faire approaches to discipline, lack of parental involvement and support, lax enforcement of the rules of the house, poor sense of self and depressive…

  • How do you get herpes?

    How have society’s changing attitudes about sexual activity and responsibility affected our teenage children? The Medical Institute for Sexual Health, a U.S. non-profit group promoting sexual abstinence outside marriage, lists the devastating toll laissez-faire attitudes have had on our teens.

  • Stuck in the middle

    As adolescents progress through their teenage years we bear witness to their emotional and cognitive development. Some sprout early and surprise us with their clarity of thought and insight. Others remain stuck in neutral for long stretches of time. This is one of the challenges of providing adolescent care.

  • Story helps children understand depression

    Alex is eight years old. His father, who quit his job from the police department, is depressed. Alex is uncertain what he should do. His father does attend his soccer games and pays little attention to him. Alex wants to quit soccer because he thinks he is no good.

  • Teens and the weed issue

    ‘Just say no’ won’t work when it comes to talking to your teenager about the dangers of smoking marijuana. Much more will be achieved with rational discussions about responsibility

  • Infant nutrition

    Several nutrients essential to proper growth and development may require supplementing — for example, vitamin D and iron.

  • The hazards of breastfeeding

    Originally published in The Ottawa Citizen January 8, 2002 Mother’s milk is best for a baby, but it’s not a mother’s only option. The American and Canadian pediatric societies advocate breastfeeding for the first 12 months of life. Health care professionals universally support this recommendation. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for newborns…