Sunday House Call, #896, October 8, 2023: Nursing a Grudge

A primary care practice is sent to open up in Ottawa and plans to have several nurse practitioners on staff to provide additional support and care. The practice is planning to charge an annual $400 per year fee to cover the cost of the nurse practitioners services. These services are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). This as resulted in the expected bloviating and hypocrisy from certain politicians who themselves have extended health insurance plans covering the cost of many health services that many of their own constituents cannot afford.

Your Calls and Comments:

  • How are vasectomies performed?
  • Extra fees for medical procedures
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome aka dysbiosis management and treatment
  • A woman with breast cancer does not have a family doctor for follow-up
  • The new RSV vaccine distribution to the public
  • The difference between antibacterial versus antibiotic
  • Bloated stomach and possible dysmotility issues.