Sunday House Call, #857, November 6, 2022: The Truth, the Media, the Communicators, and being crabby (but not in the way you think)

Medical science is not an exact art. It is rife with inconsistencies and changing recommendation because that is the nature of the beast. But we can get lost in the forest if we only look at the next tree instead of the path that leads us out to safety. Information and understanding progresses apace and within this framework; there are going to be competing outcomes and contradictions until the evidence is robust enough to create the path the establishes new treatments.

This is evident when media reports seeks commentary from experts in their field. The good ones will usually try to impart that there are nuances and uncertainty. Not the message people want to hear; humans crave consistency and stability.

More in the show’s OpEd. (Link below)

What happens when you swallow a live crab?

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