Sunday House Call, #853, October 2, 2022: The Road to Ruin

More family doctors are retiring and the number of Ontarians without one continues to grow. While academics, pontificating physician organizations, special interest groups continue to push on the same repetitive singular solutions on our craven governments, people cannot get access to timely care. No one listens to family doctors who run actual multidisciplinary practices for their ground-up solutions instead of defaulting to the centrally-planned version we have now.

Small clinic trial that resulted in remission of Lupus.
Lupus Patients Go Into Remission in ‘Spectacular’ Immunotherapy Trial
Anti-CD19 CAR T cell therapy for refractory systemic lupus erythematosus

FDA approval of Dupixent for severe eczema in children based on this study.
New Monoclonal Antibody “Highly Effective” For Kids With Severe Eczema

Your calls about:

  • Treatment protocol for 80 year old parents who have COVID
  • Difference between US-approved Bivalent COVID vaccine and what is available in Canada
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Management of knee osteoarthritis in a man with compromised kidney function
  • How long do you stay home if you caught COVID?