Sunday House Call, #842, July 10, 2022: The evidence sometimes does not jive with what we wish to be true.

This product has scant evidence for efficacy and plays fast and loose with its results in its only study of 24 people.

Ref: Myrkl: New Anti-Hangover Pill Said To Break Down Up To 70 Percent Of Alcohol In An Hour – What You Need To Know

A good meta-analysis that demonstrates that “Lubricant Shots for Knee OA: No, They Really Don’t Help

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  • 85 year-old man injures his neck after a fall. Now recovering. Review why the front of the neck near his Adam’s apple is sore.
  • Probiotics
  • New clot-busting heart drug being used to treat ischemic stroke
  • A woman with new diagnosis of diabetes cannot find a family doctor