Sunday House Call, #805, August 29, 2021: The risks of not taking the (lesser) risk of vaccination. In addition, it is unlikely your doctor will provide you with a medical exemption note to support your decision to not get vaccinated.

If you are getting exhausted by the continual espousing of the Internet’s canard of “not enough research has been done on the vaccine”, “the vaccines were rushed to market”, and “Covid is not dangerous so I don’t need the vaccine”, major new studies have been released to refute each and every one of these pieces of misinformation. And for those who think that they can get a medical exemption, think again.

Here they are:

Why the COVID Vaccines Aren’t Dangerous

COVID-19 presents greater blood clot risk than vaccines, study finds

Delta variant doubles risk of COVID-19 hospitalization for unvaccinated, study suggests

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine side-effects in high-risk teens mild to moderate, study suggests

CDC: Unvaccinated, unmasked teacher infected majority of students in Calif. class with COVID-19

The Internet is full of claims that vaccines do not protect us from COVID-19. What recent evidence is there that they do?

Why medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines might be hard to obtain

Covid-19 vaccines flirted with perfection at first. Reality is more complicated

Largest Real-World COVID-19 Vaccine Study Confirms Overwhelming Safety

Your calls and comments about:

  • The flu shot after two Pfizer vaccine doses. Is it safe to do? (yes)
  • Low iron levels in an older man. What are the causes?
  • Getting together with the family of holiday dinner. All are vaccinated but the 10-year-old twins are not? What precautions, if any, should be taken?
  • Who is eligible for the third booster dose?
  • What are the medical indications to not get the vaccine?
  • Hiatus hernia
  • First dose of Covid vaccine in April. Has allergic reaction and is being tested for polyethylene glycol allergy. If negative is is too late to get the second dose? (No)