Sunday House Call, #802, August 8, 2021: How to help those stay healthy and well. Being angry at the vaccine-hesitant will not change hearts and minds. There is a better way. #vaccineswork

The advantages to COVID-19 vaccinations could not be more clear. Canada’s high vaccination rate bodes well for the vaccinated. On only has to look at the recent US data to see how we may circumvent the tragedy that is unfolding in poorly vaccinated areas of the country.

We have to try to find common ground with people who are vaccine hesitant and understand their concerns. Being angry will not change their position. However, there is no point trying to have a discussion with antivaccination advocates with hardened and immutable views.

Data shows how rare severe breakthrough Covid infections are
Angry at the unvaccinated? Here’s a better way

Your calls:

  • A woman reports her ultrasound shows she has a fatty liver and blood tests, elevated enzyme levels. What are the next steps in her management?
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Excessive water retention after gallbladder surgery. Caller used NSAID medication for pain. THis might have caused acute kidney damage.