Sunday House Call, #797, July 4, 2021: You forgot the denominator!

Base rate bias misrepresenting and overstating Delta variant’s effect on vaccinated populations compared to the unvaccinated. @dr_kkjetelina has published an excellent explanation of this fallacy.

Your calls about:

  • Cramping feet when exercising
  • If both grandparents are double vaccinated, can they hold her 2-week-old grandchild?
  • Is two weeks after the second Covid 19 dose considered to be enough protection for an asthmatic to resume normal activities?
  • Management of inguinal hernias
  • Valvular disease and heart surgery
  • Combining Pfizer and Moderna vaccines
  • Ontario is getting close to preventing a fourth wave as the number of people being vaccinated increase
  • Anaphylaxis and Covid 19 vaccine precautions