Sunday House Call, #795, June 20, 2021: To-MAY-to and To-MAH-to, Pfizer and Moderna; Basically the same with the same end result: good for your health and efficacious. Mix away and lets get out of this damn pandemic already. #VaccinesWork

Topics today include:

Mixing Pfizer and Moderna vaccines is proper, safe, and equally effective in protecting you from severe infection and hospitalization. They are essentially the same vaccine with minor changes to their constituent components akin to the flu, hepatitis, tetanus, MMR and a plethora of other vaccines we use that are produced by different companies. And my family will be receiving Moderna as their second dose after having had Pfizer as their first.

An innovative strategy to combat Dengue fever that may have wider implication for other mosquito-borne diseases.

Your calls:

  • A man hears crunching sounds in the neck vertebrae when turning his head side to side. Was does this signify?
  • Cataracts
  • Rectal bleeding in a 96 year-old-woman
  • Severe anemia and iron deficiency in a man who’s hemoglobin dropped to 52 (normal should be ~125-145)