SciFi Biotech coming closer to reality

Original broadcast date: January 6, 2008

When we last spoke to Dr. Ulli Krull, he talked about the development of a device that could be used to detect chemical substances in a given environment. For lack of a better analogy, it was like a Star Trek Tricorder.

His present projects include developing biosensors that are so small that they could possibly work inside living cells to watch processes in real time and a project that is proposed to Genome Canada that is a collaboration with NRC, CHEO and Carleton University to develop prototypes of biosensors for medical use based on computer chip fabrication technology.

  • Dr. Ullrich (Ulli) Krull, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, and AstraZeneca Chair in Biotechnology, Vice-Principal of Research, Vice-Dean of Graduate Affairs and Chair, Western GTA Convergence Centre at the University of Toronto, Mississauga.
    Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada, and has received both the McBryde Medal and the Maxxam Award – top prizes in Analytical Chemistry – from the Canadian Society for Chemistry.


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