A conversation about Bipolar Disorder with Mike MacDonald

Bipolar disorder is an inheritable illness that leads to extreme mood swings. One study revealed a 13 percent risk of bipolar disorder among children of biological parents with the disorder. About one in 100 Canadians suffer from this condition over their lifetime. The World Health Organization identified it as the sixth leading causes disability-adjusted life years in the world among 15 to 44 year-olds.

Efforts are being made to remove the stigma of this debilitating disease and to encourage people to get treatment. There is no need for people to suffer so needlessly.

Mike MacDonald is a well-known Canadian comedian who has made numerous appearances on Just For Laughs. He has also starred in three well received and critically acclaimed specials for the CBC in Canada and for Showtime in the U.S.: “Mike MacDonald: On Target”, “My House! My Rules!” and “Happy As I Can Be”. Recently Mike hosted his own CBC special, “Mike MacDonald’s Politically Correct Christmas Special,” and starred in “The Rogers Cable,” a 10-minute short that appeared at the Cannes Film Festival.

Mr. MacDonald continues to tour across Canada and the U.S., and is currently working on a variety of feature film projects.

He also has bipolar disorder for which he has been treated for the past 11 years.

This past week he appeared with Gemini Award winner Mary Walsh to host the Stand Up For Mental Health’s Ottawa comedy fundraiser.


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