Sunday House Call

Sunday House Call has returned in a one-hour format.  We will work diligently to try to bring the show back to its two-hour format. Click here to listen to the audio clips.

I will keep the original description of the show below as a means of explaining its goals and mission statement.

Sunday House Call is a two-hour evidenced-based medicine and science show broadcast live originating from the studios of 580 CFRA radio in Ottawa, Canada. It’s stated aim is to provide the opportunity for our guests to discuss their ideas and the basic science that led to their latest research without the need to encapsulate their life’s work into a 30 second soundbite. It strives to provide medical information to our listeners that is credible, unbiased and backed by evidence, not anecdote.

The first hour of the show includes interviews with scientists, researchers, clinicians, health professionals, politicians, and personalities. We make the effort to stay ahead of the news curve to present information that respects our listener’s intelligence. Our listeners should have cogent, evidenced-based information to formulate their own decisions about the topic and apply it to their own health concerns.

I do not chastise or confront guests who may have a different point of view with respect to medical management, treatment, or health policy among other areas. The point of the show is to provide a forum for all ideas but let evidence-based practice and critical thinking be the foundation to determine the veracity of research and health claims and effectiveness of therapies.

The second hour of the show is phone-in. We receive calls from across Canada and from the United States. I try to provide in-depth answers to medical questions and do not try to rush through the answers. If requested, I email information about the topic from an excellent non-commercial medical website called Up To Date. (

Another key to the show’s success is that we respect our listeners. On any phone-in show you will have callers who present alternative points of view that are the antithesis to those of the host. Instead of dismissing or barring the call, I welcome it because it gives us both the opportunity to show where the evidence takes us. It never becomes a personal and there is always mutual respect. Learning comes from challenging established thinking and ideas. I do not want the show to be dogmatic. It should evolve as new information is brought to light.

Sunday House Call is now in its sixth year. I have managed to archive most of the interviews and hope you enjoy listening to them. I do indeed, have favourites that are listed below that should give you a flavour for what the show is about. Please leave me your feedback and comments.

The show does not have any corporate sponsors who pay for interviews based on their products nor do we sell or shill for any product. Editorial control is completely in my hands.  I have no conflicts of interest when I interview our guests or when I answer our caller’s questions. Our credibility is all we have and it is vigorously protected.


*The advice, clinical studies and recommendations presented in audio and written articles on this website are for general educational purposes and not diagnosis. You should consult your physician or other health professional directly before beginning or changing a course of health treatment.

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