Sunday House Call, #882, June 25, 2023: When the Weight Comes Down

How the incessant weight bias pervades the discussion respecting weight loss management options and treatment. I review an article in which physicians frame the desire to lose weight weight as a cosmetic issue. Comments castigating and assuming that people who wish to “lose 10 or 15 pounds so that they can fit into a bathing suit or a tuxedo or what have you” misjudges the reality of what people are going through. It is the meaning and mean-spirited and would not be seen in any other type of chronic condition that has a significant impact on quality of life.

This is in the context that diabetes will double to over 1.3 billion people by 2050. We already have 4.8 million people of a population of 15 million in Ontario that are being treated for diabetes. Anything that can help reduce the risk of diabetes is a win on all counts from a socioeconomic, healthcare system, and personal health quality of life perspective.

Your calls about:

  • It woman is having pain at the bottom half of her kneecap. Likely infrapatellar bursitis from kneeling on a hard floor.
  • A mother calls concerned that her children do not want to wear and 95 masks when the air quality reading is at 11 or severe for PM 2.5.
  • “Vampire facials”. The lack of evidence for platelet rich plasma injections to smooth out the face and reduce puffy eyes
  • A brown long line on the nails. This likely is longitudinal melanonychia. I explained what this instance.