Sunday House Call, #820, December 19, 2021: Steps and Hurdles

What else but Omicron today. Your questions answered and the steps to be taken over the next few weeks.

Your calls about:

  • Caller updates us on injection site inflammation after her second dose Shingles vaccine. All is well. Resolved on its own.
  • A mom calls to say her 22 yo daughter has COVID. Mom has COPD. Both are vaccinated. Now 1 week later. Minimal sxs for both.
  • An 86 yo woman asks if blood tests required for A. Fib patients using Xarelto to ensure that it is providing anti-bloodclotting effects.
  • Methotrexate use and COVID vaccines
  • Will KN95 masks exacerbate asthma or COPD? No.
  • Semaglutide for weight loss management