Sunday House Call, #799, July 18, 2021: Health-care workers: No jab, no job.

The Ontario Medical Association and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario are calling for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for all the provinces health-care workers.

Your calls about:

  • ALS
  • A woman reports difficulty breathing and swollen legs
  • A father asks about what medical management options are available for his 23 year-old daughter suffering from schizophrenia after she is discharged from hospital
  • A 74 year-old woman reports a heart rate in the 170’s for more than 50% of the time as reported by her watch while bike riding. Suggest she manually take her pulse to determine if the watch is accurate. She had no symptoms while bike riding.
  • A woman reports jaw and tooth pain and is taking Prolia for osteoporosis. What should she discuss with her doctor?