• The cost of antibiotic resistance

    Health Headlines Commentary for November 16, 2018 [display_podcast] Source: Antibiotic resistance costing Canada $1 billion per year: IPAC  

  • Mumps case reported in Ottawa. 20-30 year-olds affected. How to prevent its spread.

    Health Headlines Commentary for March 17, 2017 [display_podcast] Source: One mumps case confirmed in Ottawa, but no details released  

  • Measles case at CHEO raises questions about mandatory vaccination as public health policy

    Madely Health Headlines Commentary for July 15, 2013 [display_podcast] Source: Measles case at CHEO raises importance of vaccination  

  • Measles outbreak spreads in BC

    Madely Health Headlines Commentary for April 9, 2010 [display_podcast] Source: B.C. measles outbreak expands to 26 cases

  • Forget the palms, check the nails

    Many diseases can alter the appearance of our fingernails and toenails. Curvature changes, discolourations, lines and pits are clues used to diagnose various conditions.

  • Waiting for the cows to come home

    Mad cow disease (bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE) remains in the news, with two more cases reported in cattle this month in Alberta.

  • Why Children will suffer the most

    All the ingredients for a potential health calamity are present The tsunami survivors face great health challenges. To date there have not been reports of epidemics of cholera or other infectious diseases. However, the massive aid pouring into the affected regions is designed to address the health risks that have the potential to cause further…

  • Protecting immune system from attack

    Originally published in The Ottawa Citizen Friday, November 12, 2004 Original Title: Infection control for dummies Infection control can be a complicated matter, especially for viruses that spread as easily as the flu. The flu can spread through direct hand-to-hand contact, via airborne droplets (fomites) after a sneeze, and with contact with recently touched surfaces…

  • Prepare now for the flu season

    Originally published in The Ottawa Citizen October 18, 2004 Original Title: The HN factor New information and reports of bird flu have shifted attention to the possibility of a new flu pandemic. The most lethal pandemic in our history occurred from 1917 to 1919 killing an estimated 20 million to 50 million people.