Wednesday House Call,  May 30, 2018

Wednesday House Call,  May 30, 2018

Dr Barry Dworkin joins Brian Lilley to discuss the latest health stories of the week.


No one wants to talk about health care during election.

Your calls:

  • Workup for extreme fatigue.
  • A woman who received Zostavax 6 years ago is wondering whether she should get the new vaccine to prevent shingles called Shingrix
  • Common causes of pain in the legs In an 8-year-old boy
  • Chronic urinary tract infections in a woman with Parkinson’s disease. What is the appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis if the antibiotic fails? What should she do?
  • A man who had open-heart surgery hurts his neck and shoulder. He wonders if this is linked to the surgery.
  • A man who is in the process of quitting smoking. He has switched to vaping and wonders which of the two is the lesser risk, cigarette smoking versus the use of a vapor device.