Sunday House Call, #753, August 23, 2020: Stop the old canards about #obesity and start treating it like the chronic disease it is by providing therapeutic support as outlined in the new Canadian management guidelines.

Sunday House Call, #753, August 23, 2020: Stop the old canards about #obesity and start to treat it like the chronic disease it is.

There are new treatments and solutions to help people who are confronting obesity. There is no need for promulgating the old stereotypes about obesity and focus on the fact that we have new knowledge that can be applied to help people achieve their health goals.

It was a busy hour with many phone calls including:

  • A woman who suffered a recent shingles infection that affected her right eye wonders when she should have her shingles vaccine
  • A husband calls asking what hemodynamic instability means when using a home blood pressure cuff
  • Is there any evidence to show that vitamin D helps combat Covid 19 infections?
  • A man calls stating he five days of significant postnasal drip when he gets colds and flus. He wants know how to handle this. He also has high blood pressure.
  • A man suffers what seems to be a tricep muscle injury. He does a lot of physical labor and wants to know the approach to management.
  • A grandmother calls stating that they have a mobile that they have set up for her family to visit her. However with school starting she is worried about whether she can continue to see her grandchildren. A checklist from the CDC is available for her to determine whether the schools are following most of the guidelines.