Sunday House Call, #749, July 26, 2020: The Coronavirus Kobayashi Maru Conundrum

Sunday House Call, #749, July 26, 2020: The Coronavirus Kobayashi Maru Conundrum

The pandemic marches to its own tune. The decisions we make about the reopening of greater-risk environments like bars, gyms, and eating inside restaurants, will have consequences. That is not a criticism of those who decide to partake in these activities, but to assume we are home free to do so belies reality. It is evident from outcomes in other countries that thought they had the virus under control are now reimposing restrictions.

We can expect confirmed cases to increase and indeed this is starting to occur in Ottawa. We will have to muddle our way through and try to maintain some form of equilibrium between the rate of infection and critical care availability. Younger individuals will need to consider that there is significant morbidity associated with the infection and although mortality in these groups is low, there are medium and possible longer term consequences.


Every Decision Is A Risk. Every Risk Is A Decision.

The New Stability

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