Sunday House Call, #748, July 19, 2020: The Coronavirus Fizzbin Game

Sunday House Call, #748, July 19, 2020: The Coronavirus Fizzbin Game

Topics today include:

The lack of consistency and exceptions to the rules about masks, physical distancing, and how your type of indoor activity alters these rules is like playing Fizzbin.

It is no wonder that people are frustrated. The headlines today show just how confusing it can be. Contradictions are everywhere.

More than 80% of cross-border travellers are exempt from COVID-19 quarantine rules, government says

Temperature checks, masks, small classes: How gyms are reopening in Ontario

Public health states that you don’t need to wear a mask when your are breathing heavily using cardio equipment but in Ottawa hospitals women in labour and subsequently giving birth must wear a mask throughout the process. The reason being provided is that it is seems to be too much of an ordeal for the gym patrons. Let me know if you figure that one out because I do not understand the logic.

COVID-19 spread fastest by teens and tweens, South Korean study finds

Ontario Medical Association asks government not to allow indoor bars to open

Alberta has most active COVID cases per capita, as some provinces see infections spike after reopening

You calls about coronavirus incubation times and self-isolation, mask use,and should a 69 year-old woman venture outside, visit friends, and go shopping?