Sunday House Call, #740, May 24, 2020: Surfs up!

Sunday House Call, #740, May 24, 2020: Surfs up!

Topics today include:

The risk of a second wave is mounting with people casting off concerns about physical distancing exemplified by event in a Toronto park.

The most recent observational hydroxychloroquine study does not show any benefit but increased the risk of cardiac complications. Randomized trials are in full swing.

Your called about:

  • Physical distancing during the pandemic
  • Why no cast after a fractured femur/hip
  • Use of ASA in a 90 y.o woman with carotid stenosis recently diagnoses with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Need biologic medication but would have to stop ASA. Has past medical history of stroke
  • COVID restrictions and setting regional goals instead of a ” one size fits all” approach
  • Using family home “bubbles” and risk of infection