Physicians would be sued for malpractice if they showed the same level of competence the Federal Government has on the vaccine procurement file.

Sunday House Call, #780, March 7, 2021

With everyday that is spent waiting for vaccines to arrive in meaningful quantities, the pressure will be on the provinces to vaccinate ever-increasing numbers of people each day to fulfill the promise of meeting the September/October deadline or earlier as has been suggested for Ontario.

Your calls about:

  • Covid vaccine recommendation if immunocompromised
  • Recommended Vitamin D dose for adults
  • A man in his 80s had a reaction to the flu vaccine. He wants know if the same will happen with the coronavirus vaccine
  • A woman whose hands turn blue when exposed to cold temperatures
  • Are asthmatics included in phase II of the Covid vaccine rollout?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of venous and arterial blood clots?