Pharmacists gain right to prescribe in Alberta

Under the new Alberta Government Pharmacy and Drug Act that came into force April 2, 2007, patients running low on prescription drugs will be able to get an emergency refill from their local pharmacy. The Alberta Government’s intention is to help improve access to drug treatment by expanding the role of the province’s pharmacists and to reduce the strain on family physicians and emergency rooms.

Pharmacists in Alberta now have ability to prescribe medications for minor conditions or in urgent situations. They will also be entitled to modify or alter the dosages and duration of prescriptions written by doctors.

  • Dr. Jeff Poston, executive director of the Canadian Pharmacists Association since 1999 following a successful tenure as Director of Research and Practice Development. A hallmark of his career has been a commitment to innovation and pioneering innovative approaches to developing the role of the pharmacist. Dr. Poston obtained his bachelor of pharmacy degree and a PhD in pharmacy from the University of Wales in Britain.

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